Testing Techniques: Adults 5th - 1st kyu

Testing Techniques: Adults 5th - 1st kyu

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Is your test coming up soon? If so, congratulations! You must be training hard to even have been nominated!

If not, it's never too early to start preparing!

Do you get nervous even at the THOUGHT of testing?

Good! That shows that you're taking your Aikido training seriously!

Our Testing Technique Video Series is a great resource and will help you gain the confidence you'll need for your test.

This video series was created from the ground up, by professional videographers, who also train Aikido! The series covers all the techniques required for all your tests - all the way up to Black Belt!

Each video includes clear explanations and demonstrations by our National Director and internationally renowned Aikido expert, Lia Suzuki Sensei. This winning combination makes for a professional level video series that will help you do a stellar test!

So keep on showing up for class, but take advantage of this training tool between classes.

Get the confidence you need to take this next step in your Aikido journey!

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- FREE download of the AKI USA student handbook, with the techniques spelled out, as well as helpful tips about etiquette, terminology, protocol and AKI USA history and background.

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Camera: Sean Campbell & Jack Corey
Editing: Sean Campbell
Color: Chris Coats

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Testing Techniques: Adults 5th - 1st kyu

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