Titles Available for Purchase

  • Hiroshi Ikeda • Dirk Müller • Lia Suzuki

    3 videos  |  Rent $5.99

    Highlights from each instructor's classes at the annual Aikido Summer Seminar in Hollywood.

  • Shoto Applications with Lia Suzuki

    7 videos  |  Buy $19

    Gain insights into Shoto work with this 7-Video series, each about 7-10 minutes long. Lia Suzuki Sensei demonstrates and explains different techniques using shoto, specifically wakizashi. Theme and variation, along with clear and concise explanation make it a great series to add to your collection.

  • Testing Techniques: Adults 5th - 1st kyu

    30 videos  |  Buy $99.95

    - - - All Pre-Black Belt Test Techniques - - -

    Is your test coming up soon? If so, congratulations! You must be training hard to even have been nominated!

    If not, it's never too early to start preparing!

    Do you get nervous even at the THOUGHT of testing?

    Good! That shows that you're taking ...

  • Lia Suzuki • Thomas Christaller • Dave Goldberg

    6 videos  |  Rent $5.99

    Professional quality 6-video set with highlights from the seminar, "Touched By Aikido: The Power of Compassionate Connection".

    • Lia Suzuki
    • Dave Goldberg
    • Thomas Christaller

    AKI Hollywood: August, 2017