Check out footage from various seminars with Lia Suzuki Sensei and other acclaimed instructors.

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  • Aikido Friendship Class Series: Senseis Matsuoka & Suzuki

    March 4, 2017: 2nd Class of the Year-Long Project

    In 2017, in an effort to foster a spirit of inclusion in the Aikido world, rather than division, AKI Los Angeles and Lia Suzuki launched an Aikido Friendship Class Series. For 1 year on the first Saturday of each month, the members of AKI Los A...

  • Lia Suzuki: July, 2015 at AKI Los Angeles

    Shot at a 3-day seminar at AKI Los Angeles. Includes both suwari waza and tachi waza work with shoto. Also some work with jo staff. Basics of sutemi waza. Kokyu nage. Two-person grab.